Alcohol Awareness Week 2024

Alcohol Awareness Week 2024, coordinated by Alcohol Change UK, is held annually, and is dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of alcohol and promoting healthier lifestyles. This year, the week-long campaign took place from July 1 to 7, and County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service participated by taking to social media to highlight the benefits of cutting back on alcohol.

Several people that we support, and service colleagues took part in the campaign. Each person was either abstinent or were drinking less, and they shared their own personal positive experiences from drinking less.

The campaign highlighted the huge steps made by each person when making the decision to either reduce or remove alcohol from their lives. From improved personal relationships, supporting physical health, finding new passions, or even finding a career, drinking less can have a significant positive impact on anyone’s life.

We also shared a blog post from one of our colleagues, Jayce, detailing their experience of socialising without drinking.

It is recommended that people don’t drink more than 14 units per week on a regular basis. If you regularly consume more than the above, the risk of ill health from drinking is increased. You can learn more about the number of units that you are consuming by taking the DrinkCoach Alcohol test.

If you are looking to reduce your drinking, there are a number of simple changes that you can make to help with this. Check out our video below.