Celebrating Pride: County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service Shows Support

Pride month is an annual month-long celebration of the LGBT+ communities across the world. This year, County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service took part in various initiatives and activities to show solidarity and support for the LGBT+ community.

On Sunday 26 May, colleagues from our service attended Durham Pride for the first time. The day was day was marked by enthusiastic community engagement.

Our service hosted a stand at the event, where attendees could access important information around substance use and the range services that we offer. Our attendance at the event not only served as an educational opportunity, but it was also a great opportunity for our service to show solidarity with the LGBT+ communities in County Durham.

Reflecting on the event, Vicky Haughey, Area Manager for County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service said “despite the rain, Durham Pride was a brilliant event full of fun. Our service attended to raise awareness about us and what we do. All the team members who manned the stall had a great time, and we will be back next year.”

In addition to attending Durham Pride, a number of initiatives were organised within the service to celebrate Pride and promote inclusivity. Colleagues wore pride lanyards and pronoun badges, small symbols of support to spark conversations around the importance of using correct pronouns.

Speaking of the importance of celebrating Pride and fostering an inclusive environment, Vicky said “our service is here to serve the whole of County Durham. We want to be able to reach as many people as possible. We work hard to ensure that our centres and staff offer a warm welcome to everyone who needs our support or wants to work with us.”

We are committed to inclusivity at County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services, and we look forward to participating in many more celebrations for the LGBT+ community in the future.