Basic Drug Awareness

This course aims to provide a basic awareness of the range of drugs currently misused, the appearance and paraphernalia associated with the use of drugs, and the different effects and risks associated with their use. We also cover the law surrounding substances and why people use drugs, whether legal or illegal, harm minimisation techniques and signposting to treatment services.   

Who could benefit from the training?

Do you work with individuals in the County Durham area who may be using illicit drugs or substances that they believe to be safe and/or legal?

Are you concerned that you might not be aware of what different drugs look like and the effect that they can have on the user?

The training is free and suitable for any non-specialist worker within the County Durham area who may come across substance use within their day-to-day working life, particularly those involved in health, social care or education.

Aim of the training:

To increase participants’ basic drug awareness

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basic understanding of a range of drugs
  • Prevalence within County Durham
  • Be aware of the reasons why people use substances
  • Be aware of the common effects of drug use
  • Be familiar with the appearance of drugs
  • Have an awareness of the law surrounding substances
  • Be familiar with the wider effects of drug use
  • Have an awareness of local services & how to refer