Basic Harm Reduction

This course will enable a non-specialist to understand the risks associated with substance use and feel comfortable offering basic harm reduction advice.

Who could benefit from the training?

Do you work with individuals in the County Durham area who are using substances? Do you want to know more about how to deliver basic harm-reduction advice?

This free training will enable you to support those people you are working with by equipping you with up-to-date advice and information.

Aim of the training:

To gain a greater awareness and understanding of harm reduction interventions.

Learning Objectives:

To explore and understand risks and consider practical harm reduction advice in the following areas:

  • To discuss harm reduction principles and how this affects the lives of substance users
  • To explore the risks associated with specific methods of use
  • To be aware of the harm reduction messages associated with specific methods of use
  • To be aware of the dangers associated with polydrug use and alcohol
  • To understand the signs and symptoms of overdose and withdrawal
  • To discuss how harm reduction conversations can be held
  • To be aware of local services and how to refer