Understanding Opioids

This course takes a look at different opioid drugs, covering heroin use, injecting behaviour of prescription opiates and newer synthetic opiates. We also look at opioid substitute prescribing and harm reduction advice for people who use these drugs.

Who could benefit from the training?

Do you work with individuals in the County Durham area who are using opiate drugs, or just want to have a greater understanding of this family of drugs and the effects it can have on the individual and wider community?

Then this free training will enable you to support those people you are working with by equipping you with up-to-date advice and information.

Aim of the training:

Further knowledge of what an opiate drug is, how they are taken, and the effects, risks and dangers associated with their use

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what an opioid is
  • Know there are both synthetic and natural opioids
  • Know the range of drugs within the opioid family
  • Understand opioids and the law
  • Know how opioids are administered
  • Understand the impact of opioids on the body and associated risk
  • Have considered the harm reduction advice we may offer